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La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla
1½ ozs. brandy
½ oz. banana liqueur
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon orange juice
Shake well with ice. Strain into prechilled sugar-frosted cocktail glass.

For this recipe I used D’Eaubonne V.S.O.P Napoleon Brandy, Bols crème de Bananes, a Seville orange, and a plain old lemon.

I found that the sugared rim made the drink seem sour in comparison, but it improved somewhat once I got a section of the sugar out of the way. It’s not bad, but doesn’t really stand out. I don’t think I’ll keep this one in the rotation.

The recipe turns up in a few books and a few places online with just minor changes in proportion. I found a very different La Jolla online that might be related (it has brandy and lemon juice), but it’s different enough that the names could just be a coincidence. Online searches are hindered a bit by the fact that there is an apparently very popular furniture set called the La Jolla that includes a cocktail table.

This post is part of my project to make, and where possible improve upon, all the cocktails in “Playboy’s Host and Bar Book” from 1971.