About the Project

I recently re-discovered my copy of ‘The Playboy Host & Bar Book’ from 1971, and, inspired by Erik Ellestad’s Savoy Stomp, decided I’d like to try making as many of the cocktails as possible. Many of the drinks also include hilariously pretentious commentary describing activities and situations the drinks might accompany. For each drink with such a description I’ll do my best to live out the recommended Playboy lifestyle.

For as many drinks as possible I’ll also give a history of the drink, compare Playboy’s recipes to those found elsewhere, and give my review of the quality of the drink and, if not drinkable, possible ways to fix it.

While doing some advance research for this blog I discovered that someone else has started a similar project, The Bar Book Project. I think our approaches are different enough that there really won’t be a duplication of efforts here, but I encourage readers to check it out for another perspective.


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