Kirsch Cuba Libre

Kirsch Cuba Libre

Kirsch Cuba Libre
1½ ozs. kirschwasser
½ lime
Iced cola drink
Put three large ice cubes into a tall 14-oz. glass. Add kirschwasser. Squeeze lime above drink and drop into glass. Fill with cola. Stir.

For this recipe I used Schloss Kirsch and Coke.

This wasn’t too bad. I thought that the kirsch, being pretty dry, would cut the sweetness of the cola, but it somehow comes off as even sweeter than straight Coke. I guess it’s not too much of a surprise, I’ve never been that big on cherry cola either. I would happily serve this one to a cherry cola fan, though. I prefer the traditional Cuba Libre to this by far, even after the Rum & Coke bachelor party incident of ’96.

There are a few variations of this floating around online, but they’re all basically the same thing. Very few of them specify exactly 3 ice cubes like this one, though.

This post is part of my project to make, and where possible improve upon, all the cocktails in “Playboy’s Host and Bar Book” from 1971.


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